Talking About Professional Baking Practices

Talking About Professional Baking Practices

Potato Bread Around The World

میلاد موسوی

Potato bread is unique because unlike its wheat flour-based counterpart, this type of bread is made using potatoes instead of wheat flour. This results in a delicious, chewy bread that can be leavened or unleavened and made using a wide variety of recipes. Potato bread is popular in many countries, and each nation has crafted their own variety to suit the culture. Here is a look at some of the most popular styles of potato bread from across the globe.


It should be no surprise that potato bread is highly popular in the country of Ireland. Some Irish recipes incorporate granola into the bread for a chewy texture. A popular dish using the bread includes wrapping it around cut apples and baking it as a pastry-like dessert. The Irish prefer to bake potato bread in small square shapes and fry or grill it on both sides to create a delicious hot sandwich.


Potato-based breads have long been a staple in the Hungarian diet. Because potatoes were often easier to harvest than wheat, it began to be incorporated as a replacement for flour. Russet potatoes are commonly used, and the bread is baked until the crust is a golden brown color. This dense, chewy bread is a Hungarian diet staple and many recipes still call for the bread to be kneaded by hand to get the best texture.


In 2008, the nation of Peru suffered a significant rise in the cost of wheat flour. This prompted many people to begin incorporating potatoes into bread recipes, even the military. Now, Peruvians enjoy many different potato-based breads including croissants and baguettes. This has brought potato bread into the limelight in Peru, and it is now considered a common form of bread that is eaten by most citizens. Even the local schools and prison systems have begun to serve potato bread instead of traditional flour breads.


The Scottish also enjoy potato bread, and most recipes call for baking it into small rounds, similar to biscuits or buns. This is referred to as a potato scone, or "tottie scone," and it's a well-loved food throughout the country. Most recipes involve mashing the potato into a fine texture and then adding butter. Milk is not typically used, but the Scottish will add salt to give it more flavor and add a little bit of flour to help improve the texture. Tottie scones can be served hot or cold, fried or toasted, and are a beloved bread in this European nation.

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